Selected clients Lisat Consulting has worked with.

Alectra Utilities

AstraZeneca Canada

Bank of Montreal

Borden Ladner Gervais

Canadian Bankers Association

Department of Medicine, University of Toronto

Innovative Medicines Canada

Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

Manulife Financial

McCarthy Tetrault

Munich Re

Rotman School of Management

Science North

St. Michael’s Hospital

University Health Network

What Clients Say

Heading into my second term as CEO of a large professional services organization with over 200 partners/owners, I wanted to ensure that I was as effective as possible leading a continued transformation of the organization.

Working with Lisa has allowed me to begin to unleash the full power of the team around me. Listening and asking questions to empower my team to get to the decision has many benefits: a more collaborative environment, capacity building and succession planning, better decisions and outcomes to name a few.

I enjoy my time working with Lisa. She is intelligent, diligent and focused. She is friendly but tough. She is also practical, which is incredibly important. She knows how to weave theory into action.

Dave Leonard

CEO, McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Before beginning executive coaching, my confidence was waning. I was constantly struggling to understand what I wanted in my career, how I added value to the organization and those around me, and how to navigate situations outside of my control.

Lisa helped me identify my confidence again. I’m more sure of myself, how I can be a positive force for the organization, and a leader and mentor for those that I interact with. I can identify what I want now, and more importantly I can confidently verbalize those wants to others as needed.

Lisa does a great job of understanding why your history, fears, etc. ultimately end up working against what you’re trying to achieve.

I just wish I had asked for coaching support sooner. Lisa’s just great!

Mark Lombardo

VP, Global Actuarial Consulting Group, Munich Re

Before engaging in this journey with Lisa, I considered myself to be highly productive and quite successful. I believed that the key to my success was attributed mostly to a strong work ethic and strong sense of being of service to others. I believed that the only way to maintain my level of success was to maintain the same relentless pace.

The most significant change since working with Lisa is that I now work with more purpose. My perspective and definition of success and what drives success has changed and evolved. Lisa enabled me to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding of how my behaviour patterns served me well or how they became de-railers to achieving my goals.

Lisa is engaged and committed in every work session. She takes the time to really listen and works with you to help you bring to the surface the key issues to manage so that you can reach your full potential. She respectfully challenges you when needed. She guides you and helps you articulate the key challenges you are facing. Above all, she works with you to explore what works best for you.

Lisa takes the time to provide and explain the tools and frameworks that will assist you in your journey to reach your full potential.

Michael Fovero

Vice-President & Senior Private Banker, BMO Wealth

I have been able to progress to the next level of my career with ease, and I owe a lot of this to my work with Lisa.

I encourage you to be ready to dedicate yourself completely to the sessions, as it takes full commitment. Lisa will dig deep beneath the surface and unlock some of the triggers and roadblocks that are difficult to face and potentially holding you back. Ultimately with Lisa’s support and guidance doing so will help you overcome these hurdles and succeed as a future leader.

Amit Malhotra

VP, Individual Reinsurance Solutions, Munich Re

Prior to working with Lisa, I knew I was a strong performer and leader who ‘got things done’ and had a gift for understanding people. What I was not aware of was how to truly yield these strengths for personal and professional success, and the impact when I inadvertently muted my own authentic voice and needs. Lisa’s coaching allowed me to step off the hamster wheel that I put myself on, mistaking struggle for achievement.

The biggest benefit of working with Lisa is that I have become an exceptional conflict facilitator. Lisa taught me to ‘lean into’ the discomfort of conflict and see the opportunities it presented. I was able to grow my emotional intelligence and create stronger confidence and empathy towards myself and others.

Lisa will hold you ‘BIG’, call your leader forth and if you accept the challenge, it will be one of the most transforming gifts you will ever receive. She is passionate about her clients and already sees them as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole — and standing in her light brings focus to you owning your own!

If you want real transformative change personally and within your organization, Lisa is the door you want to open!

Jo-Ann Morgante

Director of Services, People & Culture, Compugen Inc.

Lisa consistently displays compassion and empathy and is generous with providing valuable insights. Her calm demeanour has anchored each of our sessions, and I frequently found myself seeking her insights in times of crisis. As a coach, she asks impactful (and sometimes difficult!) questions, and provides space for self-reflection within each session. If others are lucky enough to experience Lisa’s coaching, it will likely be a highlight of their professional life.
Ashley Larose

Director of Development, Science North

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